Positive experience in tantric massage

Tantra was widespread and popular in the 11th and 12th century. Tantrikas were masters of this art and they taught it. Some of them believed, that you live an unfulfilled life without knowledge of tantra. Nowadays, you can enjoy erotic massage that is a modern and tantric practise. You should know the basics and the offer that salon Tantra Diamond in Bratislava has. Tantra diversified into tantric massages. You could hear about her in Buddhism, mostly Hinduism or even in Ayurveda, because it was passed to different religions or ideologies. Tantric massage has a health benefits.

vonné sviečky

Usage of these techniques is sacred. You will feel cleansed and even reborn. It is a work with a body, soul and emotional body. The masseuse will work with energy, you will be mostly a receiver. It is a natural remedy or aid for pain, sexual dysfunctions and emotional issues. It is not therapy! Although it helps with the elimination of various traumas.Tantra is a practise with traditional parts. This includes breathing techniques, traditional clothes, rituals, deep relaxation… Clients can choose from various programmes. Classic, Body Tantra, Mutual Body, Secret dark, Love Game Tantra, Romantic Tantra, Magic Tantra, 4 hands, Sensual, Couple Tantra and even programme for women.


Intimacy and privacy are the best recipe for a happy ending. Masseuses (or a masseur for ladies) is always ready to offer you an unique experience. You will use all your senses. Touch is evident, smell because of aromatic oils and perfume, taste because of fruit, champagne and fondue, sight because of all pleasant attributes, and hearing calming voice and music. You do not have to think twice. Hustle at job, university every-day is tiring for body as well as soul. We cannot wait to see you in our salon. If you will be satisfied, leave a positive review.